Saturday, 14 May 2011

the sun

Have managed to get quite a lot crammed into the last week and doing my usual multi projects on the go I went from job to job to let things like paint harden off and really in an effort to get everything up to a certain level. I figure if I start things then leave and go back to them it gives me time to develop ideas. Also just ordered a loads of product for next cruise which will include ceramics and stamps. I can't wait to visit Bergen & the fjords.

garden update ...... after much angst we have left the mowing (which took ages) to concentrate on cultivating. Now only mowed paths separate the long grassed areas but the pond area is much improved and all hail aldis and cheap shrubs cause it so coming together.

Mum back form Spain tomorrow can't wait to talk to her , Libs so close to finishing that degree and coming home -3weeks!!!.
Sof has secured a house for next year with other nurse friends in old Kent road South London -she goes straight into next placement with only two week break in August -can't wait to stay with her.
Have Callum here next week can't wait to hear who he's bumped into -last time it was Joey Essex!!

Todays image is the sun.....
Terry and I designed the pub sign for the "Sun at bredgar" in Kent and this sketch was submitted in the first ideas.

=) have fun hope this sketch is useful.